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Services : Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting the intellectual property of IPS's customer is an area that is seriously regarded within IPS.

We have put in place the following processes:

  • Round the clock security patrol
  • 24 hours surveillance cameras with digital backup to keep track of past surveillance footage
  • Fingerprint Security Access control
  • Security cages & rooms for storage of high value items such as certificate of authenticity, security licenses and product identification keys
  • Network security with firewall protection to ensure the safety of data
  • Controlled access of customer accounts to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to access customers’ information
  • Accountability & traceability in manufacturing system
  • Regular security audits by customers

IPS' strong knowledge in implementation of anti-piracy measures includes:

  • Certificate of Authenticity Management
  • Product Activation in Product License Keys
  • Document Security Techniques:
    1. Special stock with security features and restricted distribution
    2. Special inks, coatings, chemicals to dissuade tampering or to detect the result of counterfeiting
    3. Print unique number, barcode or identifier on each document so that no two are exactly the same
    4. Complex and elaborate graphics eg. Pantograph, Microtext Border, Custom Guilloche Background
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